Earlier this month IrishJobs.ie released their Jobs Index, a quarterly forecast that sums up the state of the job market for the upcoming months and it included a "watershed moment for the hiring market." This moment being that job vacancy growth in the construction and hotel sectors is on the rise with healthy figures being reported in. Vacancies in construction, architecture, and property, engineering and utilities sector increased by 7% [Year over Year] and 4% [Quarter on Quarter] while vacancies in hotel and catering job vacancies rose by 6% [Year over Year] and 8% [Quarter on Quarter], and according to the index this sector is holding the largest share of job vacancies being advertised. Such positive growth is definitely something to celebrate but we must also note that the index reveals that in more knowledge-intensive sectors showed a decrease in job opportunities. Vacancies in the accountancy and finance and banking, financial services and insurance sectors decreased by 8% and 15% [Year over Year]. The potential boost to Ireland's economy through the rise in vacancies and the growth of these vast industries is undeniable. Orla Moran, General Manager for IrishJobs.ie states that "the Irish economy is strong, underpinned by high consumer expenditure, low unemployment and sustained foreign direct investment" and "Ireland’s economy continues to grow, supported by a diverse spread of international, export-focused industries" with the overall outlook being positive in the long term. The full comprehensive index can be viewed here and it is a fascinating forecast of the job market as it stands currently in Ireland. With our upcoming expansion into Galway, Sligo, Limerick, and Dundalk, this positive outlook for the jobs market could not be more timely.