Over the last few weeks, there is no doubt we have taken the word “agility” to a new level. We have all as a workforce, community and nation shown how flexible we can all be in a time of crisis and uncertainty. 9 out of 10 of us ALL now know the service “Zoom” offers from conference calls to family meet ups to the new era pub quiz!! It’s provided the ultimate keep in touch facility in these locked-down days. At Staffline Recruitment Ireland, we to have had to change how we do things very quickly. We can no long register our candidates or speak to our clients face-to-face. In this blog post we want to provide you with our top tips on how to interview successfully via video conferencing call. As always before any interview, make sure you research the Company and its values. So, when they ask; “Why do you want to work for this company?” You don’t look at your shoes, pause or gaze into the clouds!! 1. Familiarise yourself with the technology There is nothing worse when panic strikes, as the app hasn’t downloaded successfully. Make sure you have downloaded the correct link and understand the relevant features of the video conferencing set-up before your interview. 2. Login on time Always login a few minutes before the interview starts. Also ensure you have a strong WIFI connection and that your laptop is fully charged! 3. Locate yourself in a distraction-free area Working from home has its challenges, when your “co-workers” aka your children are hungry and looking for you to feed them mid-interview is never a good look. Make sure you can hide away in peace for the duration of the interview. No-one wants to relive Professor Robert Kelly’s experience when Marion and James barged into the office! 4. Dress like you would for a face-to-face interview Own your power, feel confident. Make sure to dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Imagine you are really nailing the interview and you spill your coffee having to jump up suddenly from the table for the potential employer only to discover you are still in your PJ bottoms – not the look they are after! 5. Prepare for the most common interview questions What are your strengths and weaknesses? Tell us about yourself. Where do you see yourself in 5 years-time? Prepare solid answers for the most common questions. This really is an opportunity for you to shine! 6. Speak slowly and clearly Don’t panic. It’s natural for nerves to kick in and for you to get tongue tied. Take a breath. Relax. Just be your wonderful-self and speak slowly, clearly and articulately with confidence. 7. Focus on your body language Don’t fidget! Focus. Sit in a comfortable pose, shoulders back, feet grounded and hands by your side or relaxed on your lap. Make sure to make eye contact and connect with the interviewers. 8. Ask any questions you may have Always ask the interviewer a question at the end of the interview. Whether to do with career development opportunities, office locations, the teams you would be working with. This shows you are genuinely thinking about the role! 9. Have a copy of your latest CV printed off Make sure you have a copy of your CV and a pen to hand so that you can reference any points the interviewer may raise. It’s also an opportunity for you to jot down any notes or questions you would like to ask. 10. Practice, practice, practice Try on your interview outfit before the video call. Rehearse some questions and answers, even if you have to look in the mirror. Practice makes perfect! Remember to relax as much as you can. This is a social yet professional environment. Whilst you are efficient and diplomatic let your genuine personality shine through to show that you’d be a pleasure to work with. If you want to find out more or need support with your CV email our consultants on [email protected]