Marking the first anniversary of its launch in January 2023, Staffline Medical Division has made considerable strides in healthcare recruitment across Ireland. The division has rapidly expanded, securing over 20 clients, including major private hospitals, highlighting its role as a key player in healthcare staffing.

The division specialises in a diverse range of healthcare roles, significantly contributing to the healthcare sector by ensuring high-quality staffing. A major achievement includes supporting the relocation of international nurses, bolstering Ireland's healthcare workforce.

Staffline Medical Division has also established exclusive partnerships, notably filling 250 roles for a major client, demonstrating the trust and reliability it has cultivated. Team growth is evident with expansions in Belfast and upcoming offices in Cork and Galway, enhancing local support for healthcare facilities.

The division is committed to building strong industry networks and community engagement, underpinning its success and client satisfaction. As Staffline Medical Division looks forward, it remains dedicated to innovation and excellence in healthcare staffing, thanking its team, clients, and healthcare professionals for their contributions to its success.

As we forge ahead, Staffline Medical Division invites healthcare facilities seeking exceptional staffing solutions and healthcare professionals looking for rewarding career opportunities to connect with us. Become a part of our journey towards excellence in healthcare. Let's collaborate to create a healthier future for all. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your staffing needs or help advance your career in healthcare.