The Recruitment and Employment Confederation's latest JobsOutlook gives insights into the current state of the UK employment market. The report explores employer confidence, sector summaries, and details around changes in temporary and permanent hires. Read some of our key take aways from the latest REC JobsOutlook report below. Employer Confidence Insights The REC's reports that business confidence in the UK economy further deteriorated in the last months of 2020, however employer confidence in making hiring and investment decisions rose by two percentage points from the previous rolling quarter. Despite the pandemic, "more than a third (38%) of private sector hirers and more than half (51%) of public sector employers" had increased staffing levels in the previous 12 months, and looking ahead to the roadmap out of lockdown, hires may continue to rise as companies seek to get back to full strength workforces. Sector Insights Short-term demand for permanent staff was "notably above average" in a number of sectors between November 2020 and January 2021. Indicative figures for temporary agency workers suggested notably above average and increasing demand in the Transport and Logistics sector, this is something we have seen reflected in our vacancies throughout the last quarter. Transport and Logistics and Manufacturing and Production have remained the sectors seeing the most consistent demand for workers. Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Insights The REC project that, in the next 3 months, temporary worker demand will continue to increase overall, and that the demand is currently sitting considerably higher than it was in January 2020. This is a promising trend that will hopefully continue throughout the economy's pandemic recovery. Similarly, the REC outline how permanent hiring intentions, notably amongst large firms in teh UK, continue to improve. For more data, including detailed sector breakdowns and regional information, visit the Recruitment and Employment Confederation's research hub. Staffline Ireland has over 300 live vacancies available at the moment, so no matter your skill level or background, your needs or abilities, we have something for you. Visit for 24/7 access to our entire catalogue of positions or get in touch with your local branch to see how our award winning consultants can help you or your business today!