When Portrush couple Wendy Browne and Don Pattison were confronted with Covid-19 and lockdown together in March 2020 they had some difficult decisions to make. Wendy worked in planning at a local council but really was not happy with her role, she had aspirations of becoming a yoga teacher, delivering classes full-time, so literally before the first lockdown was announced Wendy resigned and left her secure job in the council. Having registered in Staffline’s Ballymena branch the team identified an opportunity in Sheskburn House in Ballycastle, where Wendy’s dreams of becoming a yoga teacher were about to come true. Unfortunately due to the lockdown restrictions classes could only be taught for a short period of time, Wendy now faced becoming unemployed. At the same time her partner Don, a window cleaner was not listed as a key worker and needed to secure alternative work until such times as he could go back to his chosen profession. Working with our team we secured work for Don with the Ambulance Service, not only has Don made new connections and friends in the short period of time he worked for the service, he has also now opened new windows of opportunity (no pun intended) for his own business. Window cleaners are not classed as key workers, but they do fall into the ‘exception’ category, meaning they are also allowed to leave home and travel for work. Thankfully Don is back to running his own business again. He said “There is no guarantees in this life, you take each day as it comes. We haven’t had holidays, but we have our health and a roof over our head and thanks to Staffline both myself and Wendy secured enjoyable work”. As lockdown rules tightened Wendy became a carer for her Mum alongside her siblings, so therefore needed work that was flexible to accommodate her Mums needs. Working with the team they secured an admin role in the local hospital. Wendy commented “This is the safest place I could work in, thanks to Staffline not only did they keep me from having to apply for benefits, due to the nature of my work and caring for my Mum, I have been vaccinated. From day one I have had nothing but support, full PPE was supplied and I love my current job.” No one knows what is around the corner, but if you’re facing job loss through CV19 or redundancy please do register with Staffline and let us help get you the temporary work you need to get you through, who knows you might find your dream job. To quote Charles Darwin “In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Contact us at www.staffline.ie