Staffline Recruitment Ireland has firmly established itself as a pivotal force in legal recruitment, notably for significant roles within the Northern Ireland Civil Service. Our targeted and experienced approach has naturally positioned us as a leading recruiter for legal positions, with our Belfast team at the forefront of these efforts, reflecting our deep-rooted expertise and commitment in this sector.

We serve a broad array of legal professionals — from newcomers in the legal field to seasoned practitioners seeking to enhance their careers. Our recruitment encompasses several key roles, tailored to various experience levels, including:

  • Deputy Principal Legal Officer: Suited for legal professionals aiming to impact significantly within the civil service legal framework.
  • Principal Legal Officer: Targeted at experienced individuals looking for leadership roles within government legal processes.
  • Public Prosecutors: Designed for those committed to upholding justice and contributing to the public legal system.

What distinguishes Staffline is our approach: personalised, meticulous, and always in alignment with both candidates' and organisations' needs. This method, championed by our dedicated Belfast team, ensures that each match is not merely a placement but a meaningful advancement for both parties.

This commitment to excellence in legal recruitment is why professionals and organisations alike turn to Staffline when seeking to fill or find roles within the Northern Ireland Civil Service. Our understanding of the legal landscape and our ability to match the right candidate with the right position have solidified our reputation as a leader in this field.

For legal professionals aiming to navigate the civil service landscape or seeking new horizons, Staffline offers unparalleled support and opportunities. Under the guidance of our Belfast team, we are equipped to lead you to your next professional milestone.

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